DebbonAir Deluxe Motorbike Gel Seat Pads & Covers

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A range of superior, super thick (1.8 cm) comfort gel pads with covers which are suitable for all riders and pillions.

This now proven product sold worldwide speaks for itself.

Using the same thickness of gel used in medical cushions for the disabled this tried and tested product offers years of reliable and comfortable riding making even long journeys seem short.

DebbonAir Deluxe Gel Seat Pads & Covers – Exterior Fitting
Motorbike seat gel


This Deluxe range offers you the flexibility of using the gel pad by itself for a number of different situations by simply unzipping the cover and removing the pad from your motorcycle. It’s ideal anywhere; in stadiums, on a theatre seat or basically in any static situation on any hard surface. Many of our customers purchase extra covers to fit onto additional bikes and have the flexibility of transferring the pad onto whichever bike they are using.

Our durable, hard wearing cover allows added comfort so the rider can sink into unsurpassed quality. (Please note we do not recommend putting a gel without cover on top of a seat.  The cover houses the gel securely, stops it from undergoing excessive strains and stresses and ensures a long life).

Size Recommendations:

  • The Extra large is for the bigger touring bike (e.g Fat Boy Harley Davidson) and for larger customers requiring a longer, wider pad-XLarge: 36cm x 36cm
  • The large size is most suitable for touring motorcycles.Large – 32cm x 25cm x 18cm
  • The medium is most suitable for sports motorcycles or touring pillion seats-Medium 25cm x 25cm x 17cm
  • The small is most suitable for a very small pillion seat found on some racing sports bikes(e.g Suzuki GSXR100) or as a tank buffer to protect your private parts. Small – 25cm x 18cm x 14cm
    Size: Measurements (approx) :Small – 25cm x 18cm x 14cm, Medium- 25cm x 25cm x 17cm, Large – 32cm x 25cm x 18cm, XLarge: 36cm x 36cm

Air cushions are considered high risk, are great for straight long distance travelling but are prone to puncture (they can get snagged on buckles, studs etc) and aren’t as long wearing as gel.

Gel cushions are considered medium risk, are great for winding roads, are long life, require no maintenance & good for travelling shorter distances but hold the heat so aren’t fabulous in hot weather.

Air mesh cushions are considered low risk, good for simple numb bum or medical issues (coccyx sensitivity/cancer etc), great in the rain and heat.

Size is also important if you have any additional problems with your legs or back (go bigger!).

Last note of warning, not all gels are equal. Since our success we have seen a great many “gels” come on the market, lots that cannot hold the body weight, lots that aren’t anti fungal, anti bacterial or fire retardant so if you opt for gel – choose wisely.

We always recommend you take the measurements of the seat and compare it with our drawings to ascertain the most appropriate size.  When doing so please note there are two types of pressure problems, the first being pain and discomfort from the backside (which starts from your Ishcial tuberosities, the bony parts of your bottom) but there are secondary issues.  If you experience tingling or aching legs it would be wise to pick a larger size so the gel can spill over the sides of the seat and cushion the groin area protecting your nerve endings and stopping blood vessels being pinched.

Under normal circumstances gel pads will increase your riding height by approx 1 cm only.  The gel pad is an optimum 1.8cm thick allowing the bottom bones (ischials) to be immersed and enveloped.  Gel less than our recommended thickness will cause the bottom bones to sink through the gel and hit the seat thus causing pressure build up and discomfort (and isn’t that why you’re looking at gels for improved comfort!?)  Likewise gels over and above 2cm are a waste of time unless you are 40 stone plus, they are cumbersome and are much heavier in weight.


Please allow 5-7 days from date of order for dispatch

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Small – 25cm x 18cm x 14cm


Medium 25cm x 25cm x 17cm


Large – 32cm x 25cm x 18cm


XLarge: 36cm x 36cm



Large, Medium, Small, X Large