Handsteady Drinking cup

£ 33.06

Drink a full cup of tea without spilling it

This mug has a rotating handle so you can lift it to your lips without twisting your wrist, tilting your head, or raising your elbow. It stays upright and steady if your hands shake. You can even drink from a reclined position.

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Handsteady Mug

 To enable easier drinking for people with reduced grip, hand or arm function.


  • Useful if you have hand tremors or limited movement
  • Rotatable handle reduces spills and makes drinking easier
  • Lightweight
  • Large handle (for four fingers)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Handle position stops fingers being burned on cup
  • Made from food safe plastic: stain resistant, hard to break
  • Holds 250ml (½ pint)
  • Comes with hidden lid and silicone, non-slip base
  • Multi award-winning drinking aid cup
  • Unique, rotating handle that keeps the cup steady and level at any angle
  • Curved Rim design ensures a comfortable drinking experience with no drips
  • Stain resistant and dishwasher proof
  • Large ergonomic handle

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